Getting Ready for 2017!

Posted December 04, 2016 by Joseph McHale  |  3 comments

It’s holiday time and that means sugaring season is right around the corner. Are you ready? If you haven't done it yet, find and mark your maple trees now. Then, make sure you have enough spiles, buckets & lids for the amount of trees you plan to tap.For those of... [Details]

2016 Maple Sugaring Season Wrap-up

Posted May 22, 2016 by Joseph McHale

  How was your 2016 syruping season? Overall it seems like this season was either fantastic or disappointing depending on where you live or who you ask. What set it apart from other years? The answer is simple: this winter's unusually mild temperatures. The warm winter resulted in a very... [Details]

Simple & Satisfying: A cheat sheet on making maple syrup

Posted December 08, 2015 by Joseph McHale  |  5 comments

Ready to give maple sugaring a try, but not quite sure what exactly it entails?  Well, rest assured it’s really quite simple.  Let’s start with the obvious, you’ll need at least one maple tree.   So, Step One: find and mark your maple tree(s). True, this is much easier to... [Details]

Making Maple Syrup is Educational

Posted October 10, 2015 by Joseph McHale

Maple sugaring (making maple syrup) at home offers many learning opportunities.  Here are my favorite ... 1. SCIENCE - Learn about the different types of trees.  Explore the concept of evaporation.  Use a thermometer and learn about temperatures and boiling points. 2. HISTORY - Native American Indians taught early settlers... [Details]

Top 5 Reasons to Make Your Own Maple Syrup

Posted December 31, 2014 by Joseph McHale

  Top 5 Reasons to Make Your Own Maple Syrup It’s FUN – After a long winter trapped indoors, it’s fun to get outside and tap your maple trees. Maple sugaring, the process of tapping maple trees, collecting maple sap, and boiling that sap into maple syrup is just plain... [Details]

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